At Addis Systems Integration, we think that teamwork and solid relationships are the foundations of success. To provide the greatest products and services to our clients, we collaborate with top technological companies. Because our partners share our dedication to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction, we are able to provide a wide range of technology solutions that enable organizations to prosper.

Our Partners

Huawei – A global leader in information and communications technology (ICT) infrastructure and smart devices. We partner with Huawei to offer our clients cutting-edge solutions in:

  • Cloud computing: Huawei Cloud provides a secure and scalable platform for businesses to run applications and store data.
  • Networking: Huawei’s high-performance networking solutions deliver robust connectivity and collaboration.
  • IT security: Huawei’s advanced security solutions protect businesses from cyber threats and vulnerabilities.

Microsoft -A renowned provider of software, services, and devices. Our partnership with Microsoft provides access to:

  • Office 365: Boost productivity with Microsoft’s suit of collaborative tools like Word, Excel, Power point, Teams, and SharePoint.
  • Azure cloud: Leverage Microsoft’s secure and scalable Azure cloud platform to run applications and manage data.
  • Dynamics 365: Enhance business operations with Dynamics 365 applications for finance, sales, marketing, and customer service.

Cisco -A pioneer in networking equipment and software. We partner with Cisco to deliver:

  • Routers: Cisco routers ensure reliable and high-performance network connectivity.
  • Switches: Cisco switches connect devices within a network for efficient data flow.
  • Security: Cisco’s advanced security solutions protect your network from cyberattacks and intrusions.

Sophos -A leading provider of cybersecurity solutions. Our partnership with Sophos ensures:

  • Comprehensive antivirus: Protect your business from viruses, malware, and other online threats.
  • Robust endpoint protection: Secure your computers and servers from advanced cyberattacks.
  • Advanced network security :Defend your network from unauthorized access and malicious activity.

Extreme Networks-A leader in cloud-driven networking solutions. We partner with Extreme to offer:

  • Agile switching: Enable agile network operations with high-performance switching technology.
  • Al-powered analytics: Gain valuable insights into network performance and optimize resource utilization.
  • Secure access solutions: Securely connect users and devices across your network.

THK camera and surveillance-A global provider of video surveillance solutions. We partner with THK to offer:

  • High quality CCTV cameras: Monitor your property effectively with advanced video surveillance cameras.
  • Reliable NVRs and DVRs: Record and store video footage securely and effectively.
  • Access control systems: Manage access to your property and ensure authorized access only.

Daosafe speedgates-A leading provider of speedgate access control systems. We partner with Daosafe to offer:

  • Modern swing gates: Control access seamlessly while ensuring smooth entry and exit.
  • Space-saving sliding gates: Optimize space utilization with efficient sliding access control.
  • protective bollards: Secure your property from vehicle attacks and unauthorized access.

APC-A global leader in uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) and power protection solutions. We partner with APC to offer:

  • Reliable UPS systems: Protect your critical IT equipment from power outages and ensure business continuity.
  • Advanced surge protectors: Shield your systems from damage caused by power surges and spikes.
  • Power conditioning solutions: Enhance power quality and ensure optimal performance for your IT equipment.

Vertiv-A global provider of data center infrastructure and thermal management solutions. We partner with Vertiv to offer:

  • Rack and enclosure solutions: Organize and protect your IT equipment with secure and efficient rack configurations.
  • Data center cooling systems: Maintain optimal temperature conditions for your IT equipment and prevent overheating.
  • Power distribution solutions: Manage and distribute power efficiently within your data center environment.

Benefits of Partnership with Addis systems:

You gain the following advantages when you select Addis Systems Integration as your technology partner:

  • A wide range of services and solutions: Get access to a wide range of technological solutions from top market participants.
  • Professional guidance and assistance: Our proficient group of experts offers customized guidance, execution, and assistance services.
  • Unparalleled financial value: With our adaptable solutions and low pricing, you can get the most out of your investment.
  • Peace of mind: Let us handle the management and efficient running of your IT infrastructure, so you may concentrate on your main business.

Ready to partner for success?

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